Programmable RoboticsIMG_1439.jpg

  • Make a creative project that can move
  • Gain direct hands-on experience with motors
  • Learn to program objects to move through a sequence of steps
  • Become interested in – and feel capable of – creating with new technologies

  • Robotic Kits - PicoCricket, Hummingbird Robotics Kits, Makey-Makey
  • Computers with software for kits installed.
  • A variety of miscellaneous art materials . . .


Building Robots

  • Arts and Bots Curriculum

  • Learners are encouraged to work in the same groups they have been so throughout previous lessons.
  • Some primary instruction can be given how to use and program the selected kits - see resources provided above.
  • Learners are asked to create a moving robotic sculpture - they can use the resources above if they need ideas/inspiration.

Content area concepts
(Add specific targets as needed)
_ Does not include ideas about the subject area or ideas are incorrect
_ Includes a few ideas about the subject, shows some understanding
_ Focuses on and understands important concepts about the subject matter
_ Makes important connections between subject area concepts, shows in-depth understanding
Project design
_ Did not try to make own artwork

_ No clear purpose of project or organization

_ Does not provide a way for other people to interact with program
_ Project uses artwork of others with some effort to change

_ Has some sense of purpose and structure

_ Includes way for user to interact with program, may need to be clearer or fit program’s purpose better
_ Project uses original artwork or reuses imported images creatively

_ Has clear purpose, makes sense, has structure

_ Includes way for user to interact with program and clear instructions
_ Project artwork and creativity significantly support the content

_ Has multiple layers or complex design

_ User interface fits content well, is complex; instructions are well-written and integrated into design
_ Project shows little understanding of blocks and how they work together

_ Lacks organization and logic

_ Has several bugs
_ Project shows some understanding of blocks and how they work together

_ Has some organization and logic

_ May have a couple bugs
_ Project shows understanding of blocks and how they work together to meet a goal

_ Is organized, logical, and debugged
_ Project shows advanced understanding of blocks and procedures

_ Uses additional programming techniques

_ Is particularly well organized, logical, and debugged
_ Student did not get involved in design process

_ Did not use project time well and did not meet deadlines

_ Did not collaborate
_ Student tried out the design process

_ Used project time well sometimes and met some deadlines

_ Collaborated at times
_ Student used design process (stated problem, came up with ideas, chose solution, built and tested, presented results)

_ Used project time constructively, met deadlines

_ Collaborated appropriately
_ Student made significant use of the design process

_ Used project time constructively, finished early or added additional elements

___ Found ways to collaborate beyond class structure